Women’s Institute for Sexual Wellness

Helping women take control of their wellness.

If you WISH it, there’s a way!

“WISH completely changed my life and my love life.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
– V.B.

Hot flashes, belly fat, low energy, decreased libido, brain fog, anxiety, sleeplessness… sound familiar?
The Women’s Institute for Sexual Health, specializing in women’s wellness, is a new division of Coastal Urology, PLLC.

They say “it’s a part of life” but it no longer has to be.

As women, we understand the changes that occur as we age.  As medical providers, we know it does not have to affect your daily life.

At WISH, we can customize treatment plans to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

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Phone: (910) 254-9995
Email: WISH@CoastalUro.com
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1099 Medical Center Drive, Suite 101

Wilmington, NC 28401

Medical Director: Victor E. Abraham, MD, FACS