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The No Scalpel / No Pain Vasectomy

This is not your father’s generation vasectomy, where large incisions were made and you would be bedridden for at least a week. The no scalpel vasectomy is associated with very little to no discomfort and takes about 7 minutes to complete. Valium will help you relax and minimize any discomfort. The lidocaine is injected with a tiny needle. If you would like your wife or significant other to be present in the room during the procedure, that is not a problem.

Why a Vasectomy vs. Tubal Litigation or Birth Control Pills?

  • Much less expensive
  • Covered by most health insurance plans
  • Simple office procedure (vs. general anesthesia in the hospital for a tubal ligation)
  • Fast recovery
  • Excellent success rate (recanalization rate of less than 1 in 2000)
  • Allows your wife to discontinue birth control pills
  • Much less discomfort than a tubal ligation
  • Does not affect your libido or erectile function

Vasectomy Paperwork

Click to Download the Vasectomy Paperwork to complete and Email back.

Before the Vasectomy

  • Bring jockey style underwear for support
  • Take your 1st antibiotic dose 2 hrs before on a full stomach
  • Take your Valium 1 hour before the procedure on a full stomach
  • Have someone drive you to the office and back
  • Shave or clip the front part of the scrotum
  • Stop aspirin (any dose) for 7-10 days before
  • Stop Plavix 10 days before
  • Stop Coumadin 5 days before

After the Vasectomy

  • No straining or heavy lifting for the next few days
  • Take your pain medication and antibiotics on a full stomach
  • Take your pain medication only if having pain
  • No ejaculation for 1 week, then twice per week thereafter
  • OK to take an NSAID of choice (ie. Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc.) starting the evening of the procedure
  • Ok to shower the morning after the vasectomy
  • Continue using birth control until you receive a confirmed negative specimen by microscopic examination at 8 weeks